Yakityak's Grandma's Luchshen Kugel

"Luchshen" is Yiddish for noodle, and a "kugel" is a casserole. There are a great variety of luchshen kugels out there... and they can be either sweet or savory, or somewhere in between. My grandmother's kugel is a fairly simple one, and falls in the 'somewhere in between' category. It's a reliable old favorite that is easy to make, complements many dishes and refrigerates well.

12 oz. wide width egg noodles
vegetable shortening or preferably schmaltz (chicken fat)
3 eggs
1 scant tsp of kosher salt
7-8 shakes (grinds) of pepper
1 mounded tblspn sugar
1 - 2 handful of raisins

Luchshen kugels vary in consistency from almost mushy to fairly stiff and crisp. This one is not particularly moist, and so usually has a fairly stiff consistency and a crisp top. If I use a square baking dish (I almost always do) I usually divide the kugel into 9 square pieces - and it can be easier to cut with a kitchen scissors rather than a sharp knife... although a knife will do.

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