The Grandma Zone: Rice Pilaf

Yes. Yes that is quite a lot of margarine. It tastes fantastic, if your arteries can handle it.

This recipe has been retrieved from my grandmother's recipe boxes and the original paper (images below) was heavily spattered with food and almost illegible. I have rephrased it without changing any ingredients or techniques into a more traditional recipe format.

Put the water, can of broth, salt, sugar and rice into a large pot and bring it to a boil. Let it simmer for 1 hour on low heat.

Meanwhile, fry the orzo in margarine until it turns pinkish brown.

When the water has boiled down considerably, add the fried browned orzo and mix well. Turn the temperature all the way down and cook for an additional 45 minutes, checking to make certain it does not burn or stick to the bottom of the pot.

A few minutes before it is done, shift the lid off the pot 1/4 way to vent the steam.

The original text is as follows:

one can of chicken broth
2 cups rice (soup macaroni)
1 cup orzo #47 macaroni
4 1/2 cups water for rice
1/4 lb margarine
1 tblsp sugar salt to taste
1 tsp salt
place rice in water with
the salt and sugar bring
it to a boil ????????
for 1 hour (plus) on low
meanwhile fry orzo in
margarine until pinkish
when the water has almost
boiled out of the rice added the
fried browned orzo and mix
and lower heat to lowest possible
level then let it cook for
almost 45 minutes covered
when almost done let
let cover 1/4 open to let steam out

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