The Grandma Zone: Mystery Dessert

This scrap of paper is clearly quite old. (I may have to dig it out again and take a photo of the other side. It's a receipt.) Not only is the condition of the paper poor, the measurements are consistent with how my great grandmother and great aunt cooked... "a half glass of this and a bit of that". They did not use measuring cups, but they achieved consistency by using a particular glass in the cupboard as a measuring tool. Between this and the lack of baking instructions, I do think there's some ambiguity over what this makes. But it looked interesting enough that I figured I'd include it in the collection. If anyone has an idea of how to bake and present this, please write me an email!

My guess is that it's a cookie (biscuit) and it ought to get baked at 350 °F for 10 - 15 min or so? I may have to just try that to see. Also, dry oatmeal? Cooked oatmeal? Normally, dry oats are referred to as rolled oats and cooked oats are oatmeal, but not only is this scrap probably 70+ years old and language shifts, if my grandmother got this recipe from her inlaws (as I am guessing from the 'glass' measurements), there could have been a language barrier, to boot.

Beat well for 15 - 20 minutes.

Then add enough flour and the baking powder to make thick.


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