The Grandma Zone: Kasha and Varnishkes

This was a staple in my house as well as my grandmother's. She wrote this down for me about 30 years ago, but forgot to include the part about coating the kasha in eggs. In addition to adding the eggs instruction, I'm re-doing the ratios to be more useable for current packaging amounts. This recipe serves about 6 when used as a side dish.

Boil the pasta separately in a large stock pot in salted water and drain. Set aside.

Beat the eggs well in a glass bowl, and pour the kasha in slowly, stirring. Stir it well until fully coated. Let dry for a bit.

In a large saute pan, stir the egg-coated kasha on very low flame until brown, stirring to separate it into individual granules and watching constantly so it doesn't burn.

Add 1 tblsp. of chicken fat and 1.5 tsp salt to the kasha and stir until the schmaltz is completely melted and distributed. Add pepper to taste. Add 2 cups of actively boiling water, and be careful because this will cause the schmaltzy kasha to bubble and spatter vigorously. Stir well and reduce heat and cover saucepan and watch until the water evaporates without kasha sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Return egg bows to the large pot, and stir in the kasha. If the pasta seems dry, melt a teaspoon of schmaltz and toss it with the kasha and varnishkas.

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