The Grandma Zone: Tsimmis

I really can't help you on the number of carrots, sorry. It is a lot, though. They cook down quite a bit.

Also, she doesn't mention it, but she cut the beef into chunks, perhaps an inch and a half to 2 inches on a side.

Slice carrots and sweet potatoes. Cook on top of stove (this requires a large stockpot or perhaps a cast iron dutch oven) for about a half hour in a small amount of water.

Then add meat, etc. (add everything else in), transferring into an oven proof dish and cook covered at 350 °F for about 2 hours.

Thicken with flour: take about 3 tblsp flour and some juice from tsimmis and mix together.

Pour this mix over the tsimmis and mix through.

Cook covered for another half hour or more.

If it's too liquid, cook uncovered for an additional half hour, or as long as it takes to cook out the excess water.

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