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The Grandma Zone

Welcome to The Grandma Zone. This is a new section of my admittedly very "circa 1998" website. No, I don't really have any desire to put in the effort needed to make this more updated. I just want a place to put recipes, thanks. And, with that "get off my lawn!" spirit, here is a collection of recipes that come straight from my own grandmother. She has been gone a long time now, but I have two boxes of her handwritten recipes along with my own transcriptions of the recipes she told me over the phone many years ago. Many of her handwritten notes give an attribution to one of her friends. When I come across recipes attributed to someone else, I will definitely mention it. I will also include photos of the original scraps of paper when possible. I kept this part of my site private for a few years, but realized that was silly, so without further ado, enjoy what you find below in the best of health.

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